Gold Dealer Reviews

  • gold and silver, inc

    Review of Gold & Silver, Inc –

    We Review Gold and Silver, Inc Gold & Silver, Inc, through its website distinguishes itself from other online precious metal sites by focusing on guidance as well as product sales.  In fact, they are the only precious metals site we are … Read More

  • Lear Capital - online gold dealers

    Review of Lear Capital, Inc

    We review Lear Capital as we look for the best online gold dealers. Lear Capital claims to be “The Precious Metals Leader” and is one of the dominant advertisers on TV and is an online gold dealer.  While Lear Capital’s … Read More

  • Gainsville Coins

    Review of Gainsville Coins

    We Review Gainsville Coins Gainsville Coins is a retail coin and bullion dealer with offices situated in Lutz, Florida.  They’re also an online gold dealer with a website located at  They feature significant line of both silver and gold … Read More

  • Private Bullion

    Review of Midwest Bullion Exchange

    We Review Midwest Bullion Exchange Located in Minnesota, Midwest Bullion Exchange has been in business for more than 3 years and offers a wide variety of coins and bullion and does business through their website   Their online pricing … Read More

  • The Tulving Company

    Review of The Tulving Company

    We Review The Tulving Company The Tulving Company is different than most online gold dealers.  This becomes apparent the minute you arrive at their website.  It is not designed to appeal to the user nor is it very user friendly. … Read More


    Review of APMEX

    We Review APMEX APMEX is one of the largest, if not the largest, online gold dealers.  They offer a complete selection of products and have both sales agents and customer service representatives available by phone to provide assistance. Unlike some other online … Read More